Delusion of The Loud-Mouthed McGregor!
August 31, 2017

GIDI. . .

Home of a million ghost and lost souls
Wandering spirits searching for vacant openings to occupy
Especially under the Government Reserved Bridges (GRB)
In the suburb, the street are busy
The sky is wide enough, no space even for the birds to fly
You just keep moving with your eyes red and ready

Lagos my Lagos
The life, the rush and the flurry
Orisirisi, no particular order or direction
In Lagos my Lagos
After a touch of agege bread and ewa goyin
The hustle and Bustle has just began
The masters of events, in holy robes and cassocks
Firmly in charge of the early morning mass
And singing, Oshodi, Oshodi, Oshodi Oke
With rugged lazy chariots unclad in yellow attires
Lagos my Lagos
Patterned with vast summer pools on the island
Bridges in endless stretch and curves like a deadly python

Lagos my Lagos
Theatre of lofty dreams
Indeed a land with better greener pasture

Lagos my Lagos
Soon than soon, I will be in your arms
And lost in the life never to be found again

Written by Michael Ashakah